Finally Finished For Fall 2017

Adding the date to photos taken for this blog was kind of automatic as I had always done so with paintings, pottery and other art forms over the years.  I guess it was a good thing.  It gives a sense of timeline to posts, and serves to jog my memory...sometimes not such a good thing.  Such is the case of the granny squares pictured above.  Was it really three years ago that I had a great need to make granny squares...again.  The first ones I made was really Back In The Day...like 1970-ish. 
Anyway, a few weeks ago I was cleaning shelves...the dust bunnies had petrified...and I unearthed a basket of UFO's.  There was the forgotten Granny Square Bag in a state of 'So Near Finished' I couldn't figure out how it ended up in the Unfinished Objects basket.  Then I realized it needed straps!  Good Grief, Sue!  How hard was that going to be... you did the hard part...making all those squares, putting them together and EVEN hand stitching in the lining.  Just 'Get Er Done'.
One problem!  I used the yarn in another project sometime between Fall 2014 and Fall 2017.
I'm going with...'I meant to have  Cord Straps with Tassels all along".
Whoever buys it will never know and I'll never tell.
Welcome Fall 2017.


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